Apr 23, 2021
Red Storm Rising
Posted by Tom Clancy

2 cassettes 2 hoursRead by F Murray Abraham Allah With that shrill cry, three Muslim terrorists blow up a key Soviet oil complex, creating a critical oil shortage that threatens the stability of the USSR.To offer the effects of this disaster, members of the Politburo and the KGB devise a brilliant plan of diplomatic trickery a sequence of events designed to pit the N2 cassettes 2 hoursRead by F Murray Abraham Allah With that shrill cry, three Muslim terrorists blow up a key Soviet oil complex, creating a critical oil shortage that threatens the stability of the USSR.To offer the effects of this disaster, members of the Politburo and the KGB devise a brilliant plan of diplomatic trickery a sequence of events designed to pit the NATO allies against each other a distraction calculated to enable the Soviets to seize all the oil in the Persian Gulf.But as this spellbinding story of international intrigue and global politics nears its climax, the Soviets are faced with another prospect, one they hadn t planned on a full scale conflict in which nobody can win.

  • Title: Red Storm Rising
  • Author: Tom Clancy
  • ISBN: 9780394298665
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • Red Storm Rising cassettes hoursRead by F Murray Abraham Allah With that shrill cry three Muslim terrorists blow up a key Soviet oil complex creating a critical oil shortage that threatens the stability of the U


    Ah, clancy If you like his stuff, you ll love this book If you like the books that he didn t write that have his name on them, you ll probably really like this book.Few people know that this book was written as part of a competition that clancy had with Stephen King, to see who could write the longest book in a week Sadly for clancy, King won, but that s only because Clancy took 15 minutes out of the contest to call up the army and ask them the names of some cool guns and planes and stuff A nice [...]


    My relationship with this book got off to a bad start I ve never known much about or cared much for the Cold War, and while I read of the Russian Politburo plotting a way to seize oil from the Persian Gulf without incurring NATO opposition, I was wiki ing terms like KGB and Kremlin Things didn t improve when the Russians failed to break up NATO, World War III started, and I was searching my dictionary for things like fighter and carrier.But 830 pages gives you a long time to learn, and within a [...]

    Harv Griffin

    I m guessing Tom Clancy novels are mostly a guy thing If it s a Tom Clancy novel I m probably going to check it out I m something of a Naval Action freak I blame the 1943 Lawrence O Donnell science fiction short story CLASH BY NIGHT, which I read in Junior High, for my fetish Asimov made me want to read science fiction Lawrence made me want Naval Action RED STORM RISING presents a global non nuclear war between the U.S and Russia that involves our NATO allies The first read through I read ever [...]


    Awful, boring overlong story of war and rape The only good portion of this novel aside from the victim finding love is the end which should have ocurred one third of the way through this travesty 2 of 10 stars


    Tom Clancy s writing style leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, even to a fan of this genre Let me just say off the bat that this book like most of Clancy s novels is rife with blatantly false stereotypes of Russian and Soviet characters, and a very poor understanding of the Russian language Maybe the tense relationship between the U.S and the U.S.S.R when Clancy wrote these books means he had little practical experience to go on, but given some of the other, accurate depictions of Soviet life [...]


    I read it once when I was too young to understand many key themes so it was an action thriller at the time During my second read through my perspective changed, gone was the line between clearly good and clearly evil Instead I found myself rooting for the Russians Not because of anti americanism or any foolish rubbish, but simply because it seemed the west had an abundance of four leaf clovers and lucky charms Any and all luck was on their side and despite the desperation of the situation, Ameri [...]

    Mahendra Palsule

    Dry narration of hypothetical WWIII Full of strategic tactical military, naval, and air combat technical details Hardly any character development, pages after pages of insipid writing Best avoided.

    Asghar Abbas

    Iceland SoooooooooSigur Ros The cover, that is The book This was a true work of art.A tour de force Only one of Clancy s books, I would ever recommend Otherwise, his novels should be used as bricks in constructions of something useful.


    Red Storm Rising is basically a fictitious story about a conventional war between NATO and the Soviet Union Written by Tom Clancy, it is one of the best books I have read It is an incredibly realistic portrayal of what a real shooting war would be like The book begins with Arab extremists sabotaging and ultimately destroying a key soviet oil refinery Crippling an already shaky economy In desperation, the soviet leaders, or Politburo, launch an offensive attack against NATO and the US to gain the [...]


    Red Storm Rising was one of the best books I ve read in years RSR is about the Third World War between the US and the USSR It is sparked by a lack of fuel and grain from the russians who go to war instead of asking for US help The war is viewed through many different characters, from a high ranking general in the USSR to a lieutenant who gets separated from his unit and is put behind enemy lines These people all have different view points and all have different positions on the war and the reaso [...]

    Thomas Strömquist

    In Sweden at least this one rode high on the success of the first few Ryan books The characters of this one is even one dimensional and the whole story has a feeling of taking place on a higher level than personal most of the time Unavoidable due to the scale of things, I guess Nevertheless, it is quite suspenseful and if you re going in with an understanding of what you are about to read, it s captivating and readable.

    Greg Strandberg

    This is a good book that many might skip Don t Just because it s in the Cold War era, it s a really good volume and shows the early character building of Clancy I liked how some of the twists worked out at the end.

    Wilmar Luna

    Tom Clancy s Red Storm Rising was the longest, dullest, most terribly written P.O.S I have ever read Again I have to ask, How did this author become a multi million dollar best seller I was the target demographic for this book It had airplane battles sorely lacking in detail , naval battles had way too much detail , tank battles, and ground infantry reconnaissance missions Everything about this book was right up my alley So why did I hate it.Sadly, the same problem that I had with The Cardinal a [...]

    Michael Chrobak

    As a huge fan of the Jack Ryan books by this author, I was somewhat disappointed by this novel Although it had a lot of the same Clancy flair, with the obviously well researched references and well constructed subplots, it lacked the intrigue and thrill of the Ryan series It was also fairly repetitive, as the majority of the book is primarily detailed descriptions of how various units ground, air and naval would have prepared for and responded to different types of threats At other times I felt [...]

    Patrick Peterson

    I read this book within a year or two of it comming out in 1986 and enjoyed it very much then I went on to read all the Clancy books till he started writing with a collaborator the Ops Center series, which I never did read I liked all I read, but this was my favorite For some reason, my son and wife picked this out to read together over these last holidays I settled right in to listening with avid attention One night I did the reading out loud to them The next night Mary was busy and Arthur want [...]

    Thomas Waite

    Red Storm Rising, Tom Clancy s second novel after his phenomenally successful The Hunt for Red October, continues to demonstrate this writer s amazing ability to assimilate modern weaponry and warfare into a thrilling and frightening realistic tale The Soviet Union, having suffered an attack that creates a critical energy shortage, decides they must seize the Persian Gulf But to do this, of course, they must first neutralize NATO s considerable forces Clancy once again is off to the races in thi [...]

    Jamie Shew

    I got this book for Christmas as a teenager and did not sleep as I read it It was such an engrossing read especially as a teenager in the 1980 s My guess is a teenager today would not understand why it had such an impact as the Cold War is something they study in history Tom Clancy was so detailed in setting up the plot, you had to push through the many chapters setting up a climax I have always considered a Clancy book like a roller coaster, you go up a long hill really slow until that moment w [...]


    No siis, eih n t ss ole oikeastaan mit n sis lt , jos ajatellaan romaaneihin noin niinkuin yleisesti kuuluvia elementtej kuten juonta tai henkil hahmoja.Toisaalta t ss oli tuhat sivua naurettavan insin ri sotahistorian fuksi tarkkaa kuvitusta siit , milt kolmas maailmansota olisi kasarin lopussa n ytt nyt Ja kun t llainen kontrafaktuaalinen jossittelu ja milsim hommat kiinnostaa, niin tietysti ahmin t m n kahdessa p iv ss silm lasit huurussa.


    I believe this was my least liked of the Tom Clancy books I have read it dragged on in a few sections, and the military maneuver details were overdone to my taste However, since it was the second one I read and the first was really good, I kept going, and was glad I did.


    Maybe I should have read this book before I read Red Army.

    Justin Bergendahl

    My first Clancy book and I really enjoyed it I was interested in the storyline, characters, politics, and technology throughout the whole book Don t expect any philosophical narrative about global warfare though This is relatively shallow like most movie like best sellers but Clancy sounds convincing enough about his technological knowledge to let you feel like you ve finished the book with some gained insight to compliment the adrenaline Even though it s over 700 pages, Clancy keeps it interest [...]


    finished this one this late morning 24 jun 17, great story, 4.8968794 stars quite the taler sea battles, air air, air land, sea battles, the whole shebangiceland.perious parts of the atlantic mind boggling, the number of missiles what was it one french exocet hit the brit ship down south i think i liked the story of iceland the most, if i had to chose the rest of it is pretty gripping too subs i guess they have nothing like iff other than dead give aways read one report that this is dated ummm n [...]

    Artur Coelho

    Li de relance, em entrevista WIRED, que este foi um dos livros que inspirou P.W Singer sobre o recente Ghost Fleet, uma muito interessante especula o realista de uma guerra entre pot ncias globais num futuro pr ximo Livro muito interessante em pontos de vista especulativo e tecnol gico, n o muito em termos liter rios A tradi o de imaginar guerras futuras centen ria no dom nio da fic o cient fica e especulativa O que disitngue livros como Ghost Fleet ou este Red Storm Rising basearem se em premis [...]


    I have mixed feelings about America s military industrial complex, constantly fighting an arms race it seems to have already won years before I was even born, but it s hard to deny that the end result is that the U.S military has some of the coolest toys imaginable So it seems pretty natural that Clancy would want to play with as many of them as possible He dipped into the toy box with his first book, of course, but here, he upends the whole thing and the effect is rather grand.I have several cr [...]


    Review coming Of course WWIII would start from a terrorist attack, wouldn t it And it is a certainty that the Ruskies had been hatching a plan to neutralise NATO for years, which just happens to come in handy when the bottom drops out of their oil supply Clancy writes thrillers well that is, he handles the plot brilliantly and though the events are completely fictional and could never be seen as anything else except when they turn out to be true, as they have once or twice in Clancy s career , t [...]

    L.M. Mountford

    To say i was disappointed would be an understatement Now I m going to try and be fair, this was written in 86 after all and the cold war still had some chill in it, so if i was 50 70 this would probably be a cracking read, or if i was an American i d love it This is really just a slightly reimagined world war 2 that basically features NATO being 90% American and the Russians sometimes they are refered to as soviets but all the reds are Russian taking the role as Germany Now to start off with the [...]

    Aidan Armstrong

    I have been a fan of Tom Clancy books for a long time and I think his books are extremely well written and fun reads All of his books are historical fiction in that they have plots that could have happened in history but never did In this book the Cold War is starting to come to an end and the USSR begins an unexpected and suicidal war by attempting to overtake the Atlantic in order to directly invade attack the US and it s NATO allies This book describes this fictional war in great detail over [...]

    Andrew Holliman

    Question 1 I really liked how Tom Clancy described the battle scenes between the Soviets, Americans, and Europeans He really gets into the detail of how wars are fought and all the Special Forces behind the scenes disrupting the battle I really liked how he uses a real world problem to spark the war Soviets running out of oil because of Islamic Radical terrorists He goes in depth on how the KGB and the USSR plan to make up for the shortage and the only way to do so is fighting NATO in the Persia [...]

    Ruth Booth

    So I actually listened to the audio book but I feel this still counts I actually chose the book based on reviews and also because it was 32 hours of listening which seemed really good value for money Now I will try and write this without being sexist or without stereotyping people by their gender, but I couldn t help but feel that this book was definitely aimed at the male reader There was an awful lot and I mean a lot of technical terminology and references to different planes and boats and su [...]

    Tarjei Vågstøl

    This is my favorite Clancy novel I m currently re reading it for the fourth time.Published in 1986, at the heigth of reaganism, it probably read as a near future techno thriller Now 2012 , it reads as an alternative history thriller What if the USSR chose to risk a limited war with Nato in order to gain a geopolitical advantage in the Middle East Don t let me mislead you The political set up is dull and at the point of na ve The main point of this part is to lay down the premises for the militar [...]

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