Jun 22, 2021
Bring Me a Unicorn: Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922-1928
Posted by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The first volume of Lindbergh s diaries and letters, in which she meets her future husband Introduction by the Author Index photographs A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

  • Title: Bring Me a Unicorn: Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922-1928
  • Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • ISBN: 9780156141642
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bring Me a Unicorn Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh The first volume of Lindbergh s diaries and letters in which she meets her future husband Introduction by the Author Index photographs A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book


    Bring Me a Unicorn Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922 1928 is a compilation of letters and diary entries written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh between 1921 and 1928, which encompasses the meeting of her future husband, Charles Lindbergh She is a remarkably observant and eloquent writer, even in personal correspondence and musing meant only for herself at the time they were written She has been a fascinating individual for me over the years such a beautiful woman, so elegant and poised [...]

    Peggy Biggs

    Here it is the beginning of a lifelong obsession with Anne Morrow Lindbergh I stumbled on this book about 30 years ago and never looked back I not only read every book in her diaries and letters series, but also every biography I could find as well as a novel she wrote and a book her daughter wrote about her parents When I was young, I was enchanted by her quiet romantic attributes of being a beautiful poetess who dared to marry the world famous adventurer Charles Lindbergh I couldn t imagine ho [...]


    I found this book in a laundry room in the middle of Montana without knowing anything about Anne or Charles Lindbergh, and this unlikely combination of time, place and moment in my life somehow made it very important to me This is a diary of a teenage girl from a very privileged family, so what touched me was not her doubts about which fancy college to attend, but her love for the blooming dogwood and fascination with flying Reading about her first flight was almost as exhilarating as if I was t [...]


    If I have another girl, I will likely name her after Anne Morrow Lindbergh She is extraordinary I went back to this, the first of her diaries and letters collection covers adolescence, college, and courtship , and was on the edge of my seat reading about how she didn t want to but fell for Charles Lindbergh She writes in such a descriptive and accessible manner that you feel what she feels, see what she seesd so the nuances of Charles unfolding interest in her are breathtaking I love how honest [...]


    Read this book when I was just about the age Anne was when she started her writing I found it oddly thrilling to read about a famous person who had a lot of the same thoughts, fears, and deeply introspective personality that I had Or thought I had In other words, what a normal person Of course now as an older person I can see how sort of silly that was, but I loved the book and read it several times in my early twenties I never followed up on her other writing, though, which I think I must do.I [...]


    I have always felt a connection to Anne Morrow Lindbergh As with countless others around the world I just found her relatable It also helped that she came into my life at the perfect time I vaguely knew Anne as the wife of Charles Lindbergh didn t know much about him beyond his historic flight in 1927 It wasn t until her death that I saw a documentary about her my interest was piqued I bought a biography of her as well as a memoir written by her daughter about her mother s final years after a de [...]


    This is the first of five volumes of Anne s diaries and letters this volume begins on the cusp of college and takes the reader through 1928 and her engagement to Charles Lindbergh Very refreshing to see that, though Anne s introspection was pretty highly developed within her family, she frets over school, confidence or the lack thereof , boys, etc like many other young women, and is easy and enjoyable to relate to We are also shown bursts of her views on life and the world around her in writing [...]


    This woman who was so violently thrown into the public spotlight with the tragic events surrounding the kidnapping and murder of her baby boy, required a private life in another country Yet, she plowed through the morass and has come up with this book and four that are taken from her letters and diaries.This book deals with her late teens and meeting her future husband.I love the way she is so honest, even about things embarrassing to a young woman I have always enjoyed her succinct unselfcons [...]


    This book got progressively better as Anne Morrow Lindbergh got older it turns out that her 17 year old self is not appreciably interesting than any other 17 year old girl I also could have done without the lengthy, breathless descriptions of nature throughout the book sorry, nature lovers Still, at the end of the day, I recommend the book for Anne s very honest description of her unlikely relationship Charles Lindbergh, who seems to be her polar opposite in many ways, but with whom she has a [...]


    I read this book when I was myself a gauche teenager I rarely read memoirs or autobiography but I was very fascinated with Anne Morrow s life as a teenager, a wife of an American icon, and a mother who would tragically lose her child violently This was Anne before her child s birth, kidnapping, and death.

    Ginny Thurston

    I think her later volumes will hold my interest e does not really meet Charles Lindbergh until halfway through, and you hear they marry just in passinge writes well but somewhat redundantly is interesting to see how the rich and privileged lived in the 1920 s.rather extravagantly.

    Allison C. McCulloch

    A very weird book I remember reading this when I was 12 or 13, expecting it to be much better Instead I got weird descriptions of her pre Charles Lindbergh life I remember her describing flowers and that in the future, cars will probably go much much faster, like planes Eh, that didn t happen I guess.


    Amazing view into who Anne was prior to her marriage to Charles Lindbergh Her desire to write and her struggles for perfection Fun to see her giddy as a school girl as her relationship with Lindbergh develops.


    I actually didn t finish the book I was bored through most of it and I finally realized that I was forcing my self to read, and that takes the enjoyment out of it, so I quit about two thirds through.


    Terrific insight into the soul of an extraordinary young woman I don t think much is edited , her college life highs and lows, difficulties with parents,conflicts with and deep affection for siblings and of course at the end her encounter with C


    Need to remember these diary entries and letters were edited by Anne and Charles Lindbergh before being published Not always the insight I had hoped for but still interesting Plan to read of these books.


    Mostly really fine Quite poetic, etc Young sheltered educated girl falls for Lindbergh, a man of action Sometime a little long winded I love her writing I m going to read most of her memoirs now several volumes to go Sad to think of the tragedy to come in the next one.


    4 1 2 stars


    Bright and joyful a delight


    I enjoyed strolling through the thoughts of young Anne Morrow as she writes about her aspirations and family She would have been fascinating to know.


    I wish she could have stayed at Smith College forever.


    December 19, 2000April 2002 April May 2004

    J Kim



    Beautifully written, if you enjoy journals


    I have enjoyed reading her books admire her Was fun to read about this early time in her life.


    I read this as a senior in highschool revisited it as a Smith student as she was


    the first of Anne s diaries, covering her early life and marriage 1922 1938 Rec in Honey Many follow, if this one is interesting

    Barbara Schaffer

    A 3.5.

    June Geiger

    Dearly love.


    Really didn t finish this book not interesting to read her diary her books are much different than her diaries and I will read another of her books but skip diaries

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