Jun 22, 2021
Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write
Posted by Victoria Hanley

Presents various elements of fiction, from creating believable dialogue to executing an exciting plot, through to real story excerpts Filled with tips, tricks, and writing exercises, this guide encourages teen writers to write creatively and explore various elements and responsibilities of fiction.

  • Title: Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write
  • Author: Victoria Hanley
  • ISBN: 9781877673818
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seize the Story A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write Presents various elements of fiction from creating believable dialogue to executing an exciting plot through to real story excerpts Filled with tips tricks and writing exercises this guide encour

    Gray Cox

    This is actually my fifth time to read this book, and I still love it so much It s so helpful and inspirational, not to mention super informative about the writing industry I would recommend this to any teen or middle grader, who enjoys writing and wants to learn about the craft Definitely my favorite writing craft book so far _


    I only have one word to describe this book AMAZING Seize the story is a handbook for teens who like to write, for adults who want to write YA books, or for any other person who enjoys writing and wants to improve his her writing skills At the beginning of the book the author talks about creative writing classes and why sometimes people don t like those classes She says that people think that Writing Courses or this kind of book can kill the creativity and put everybody to write in the same way a [...]

    Hilmi Isa

    Berbanding dengan buku yang bertajuk Panduan Menulis Novel Teknik Surah Yusuf,saya lebih menyukai isi kandungan yang terdapat di dalam buku panduan menulis ini iaitu Kuasai Cerita Anda Panduan Penulisan Kreatif Untuk Remaja Malah,jika anda seorang yang baru sahaja mahu berkecimpung di dalam bidang penulisan kreatif atau fiksyen dan seorang penulis amatur walaupun buku ini lebih disasarkan kepada golongan remaja,saya berpandangan bahawa buku ini sesuai dibaca oleh semua golongan,tanpa mengira kat [...]


    I wish I could own this book It s great I really connected with it.


    When I was asked to review Seize the Story, I was a bit hesitant I thought the book sounded great but writing isn t something I do all the time, even though I like it.I m going to talk about my experiences a lot in this review as the book made me reflect on my writing Two years ago I attempted to write a book I had an idea that wouldn t leave my mind and it s still there I made all sorts of promises and goals and outlines, but I never finished this story I made the awful mistake of letting peopl [...]

    Sarah Cherry

    Seize the StoryHanley, V 2008 Seize the Story Fort Collins, CO Cottonwood Press.Reviewed By Sarah CherryType of Reference HandbookDescription This book is packed with information to help young adults as well as teens to develop great writing skills It is filled with examples and exercises to teach young writers how to bring action humor and drama to stories This book reads like a novel and you don t want to put it down It is easy to read and well written.Scope and Content The book grabs your att [...]

    Anna Elizabeth

    This writing book was quite good It was easy to read, engaging, and humorous The book was filled with writing exercises that I found quite helpful With school, the amount of time I spent writing had decreased a lot But after doing these writing exercises, I have gotten into the habit of free writing, finding other writing exercises to do, and working on my book s again.Every chapter starts with some quotes from writers some of them quite inspiring, if I do say so myself There are also examples f [...]

    Rebecca Czarnecki

    Victoria Hanley s, Seize the Story has an incredible warm and inviting tone that invites any reader in, young adult or otherwise, and also includes a large dash of humor She walks the reader through the various elements of writing a novel, acknowledging the challenges and the rewards of writing in a manner that only an experienced writer could do It made me feel such a connection at points when I thought, I know EXACTLY what she is talking about I think it is one of the incredible strengths of t [...]


    There are so many books which guide writers to create great stories, but I ve never read a successful one that is written for teens I was intrigued by this book cover to cover While I have other books about writing, most of my students find them to be boring or inaccessible Hanley talks directly to teens and speaks in their language Further, I think adults and younger children would also find value in the text.The best part about this book is that it is a comprehensive guide There are chapters a [...]


    I love to pick up instructional books and see if they have any validity This one, though written for teens, would help anyone who wanted to learn to write creative fiction Also, the fact that it s written for teens works as an advantage, because the book is full of exciting material, quotes and advice that never gets monotonous It guides you through he basic necessities of every story conflict, setting, characters as well as the lesser understood but equally as important topics like point of vie [...]


    I enjoyed the sections titled Common Problems with _________ These sections pointed out a lot of issues writers face when developing character, writing dialogue, etc Throughout the book the author provides tons of examples to help illustrate her points and provides practice exercises to encourage the reader to practice working with these topics I didn t find the exercises to be very creative or helpful and I don t feel I read anything entirely new in picking up this book I prefered Spilling Ink [...]

    Haley Keller

    I absolutely love this book It has amazing advice for anyone who enjoys writing It s definitely geared towards teens, but the writing advice it has is advice that s great for anyone who writes I m definitely going to be keeping advice from this book in mind during the future I also enjoyed the interviews with the other authors The book contains so much advice that will really help any teen who wants to make their writing the best it can be I strongly recommend Seize the Story to any teen writerw [...]

    Susannah Ailene Ailene

    I got this book for Christmas this year and did not have high hopes Most of this kind of book are full of the same fairly useless information However, I found that this one went above all of the rest I especially loved the way the author used examples of what she was trying to teach It was very helpful in a real way I also enjoyed the author interviews It was nice to see that some other successful authors think the same way I do I would definitely recommend this book to teens who are trying to b [...]


    This book may be for teens, but if you want a crash course in story writing because you are too old to remember your teens This is perfect Honestly, the text is easy to understand, fresh and uncomplicated All the questions I had about basic story construction as well as a few chapters that bolstered my self confidence were here I would recommend this as a gift for any young or old aspiring writer Well done.

    Joseph dela Cruz

    This book caught my attention the first time I took a glimpse of it in the shelves And did it wow me It SURE did This was my first writing book to read and it revealed so much great tips for teenagers and adults alike Victoria Hanley sure is a blessed and professional writer since the book was proof itself The book has truly made me see what the writing industry has to give Great techniques which is probably unforgettable I m so addicted to writing books now Life changing


    I have to admit that I wasn t overly impressed with the book The writing style is casual, which I like and my students appreciated as well It does contain some good ideas, though I don t know that the organization is always ideal so I played around with the sections we read My students, however, really liked the book Most of them wanted to take it home So that upped my rating from 2 to 3 stars.


    I would say this book is actually for teens who KNOW how to write,which isn t a bad thing It takes ideas and concepts most young writers kind of understand and expands on it Honestly, this is the best foundation for any preteen teen writer that I ve read It s best for people who are looking to expand their writing technique.

    Tina Rose

    A great writing resource All topics are well explained without being to wordy and the tone is very freeing and open as opposed to many other writing guides which make claims that there is only one way to write The way in which this handbook is written is inviting to writers of all sorts and does not intimidate or put pressure on the writer liking so many do.


    This was an informative and incredibly helpful book on how to write successfully I instantly connected with the voice of the book light hearted with a dash of humor suited well for a teenage audience An interesting read and would definitely recommend it to aspiring authors like myself


    I ve been writing for roughly four years So, basically, this book ended up telling me everything I already knew about characters and plots and writing in a simple, uncomplicated way Good for teens just starting out.

    T.M. Carper

    A quick, easy read for teen writers who don t want to go through adult writing books The QA with various authors is enlightening and Hanley does a great job of distilling writing down to the basic levels and even uses modern examples, such as Twilight to explain various concepts.

    Rachel Meyer

    This book covers a lot, but all in an easy to understand way for teens who may not know much about writing She explains everything well and gives lots of helpful exercises A must read for anyone, especially a teen, who wants to start writing.


    One of the only helpful writing books I have read.I actually took notes while reading this book and have gone back to them While other books throw advice on you until you re drowned and depressed, Hanley splits everything up into specific chapters with clear goals, examples, and exercises.


    This was a good book, but I wish it was somewhat longer

    Thomas Freeman

    I really like this book so far I was right in thinking that I really needed to start with something simplei.e Teenage level I look forward to learning as I read this


    This was a nice little book It contained pretty much all of the advice I ve read in other writing books, just in accessible language and with illustrations

    Kaye Booth

    See my review here examiner literature in

    عمرو الكريم

    It s Such a helpful book, It was amazing, and light.


    The best writing guide I ve ever read fun to read and fun to use.


    This is such an incredibly helpful handbook.

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      398 Victoria Hanley
    Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write