Jun 25, 2021
The Robber Knight's Love
Posted by Robert Thier

Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people, she must ask herself will he join them to destroy her Must she cut him out of her heart to survive Or is there another way a way to forgiveness and love Sequel to Robert Thier s 1 Hit The Robber Knight.

  • Title: The Robber Knight's Love
  • Author: Robert Thier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
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  • The Robber Knight s Love Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people she must ask herself will he join them to destroy her Must she


    Of course the author didn t disappoint with this second installment of the robber Knight series Great characters like always, the action was amazing, and the romance side is getting better I would highly recommend this series to anyone that loves historical fiction I look forward to reading the 3rd installment soon.

    Fadwa HopefulHopes

    wow I usually give 4 stars to what I think is awesome , but honestly, this author is gifted wow

    Shreya Shethia

    The Book that I just read was much much much to my liking than its 1st installment As the story was still picking up, the setting was still explained, the characters were still being properly introduced in the 1st part But this book was definitely a wow Sir Rob has a special knack of putting all the wonderful elements in his books, such as the right amount of humor, the exact amount of romance, and the warlike parts, all in completely ridiculous balance It was exceptionally brilliant Nothing go [...]


    I loved this book Again Sir Rob, you can make me travel to your books and I feel like I am there watching everything I love how you portrayed the relationship of Ayla and Reuben, and that even though we know they are in love you didn t push it but gave them time, cause I mean they are in the middle of war At first I was reluctant to read this series but I am completely falling in love with every book Onto the 3rd book now

    Joy Nelson

    I love the character development in the middle book of the series The death of a significant character, the progress of the love story, and the realization that Reuben is actually a really sweet guy all come together to make this a thoroughly entertaining read Plus, Sir Reuben is brilliant I d hire him to win a war anytime.


    An awesome series can t wait to start the next book


    Seeing as it is a Historical Fiction Novel, set in the medieval ages, we all know what to expect.You know, a hot ripped guy on the cover, with his chest and pecs utterly hairless, and only a loose pair of pants on, to emphasize his package downstairs The lady on the cover will probably have a contorted face either from stepping on a lego or because of her lust ridden about to explode hormones, I have no clue her dress half falling off as they clutch in a passionate medieval style stereotypical e [...]


    much better than the first book due to the action sequence I m not a big fan of historical romance as I do like women reduced to damsel in distress or ladies who are hard headed and unaware of dangers.ivety I don t find attractive, however, I do love Sir Reuben s character, he s so adorable and a strong man to admit surrender to love Also he s not loaded with guilt or angstnt wait for the final book.


    Yes, there are some grammatical and spelling errors This is a Wattpad book after all However, this series is one of my favorite, simply because the characters are amazingly written Sir Rob has perfected the art of writing romantic plots and killer characters This book has it all Romance, death, adventure, and mystery


    Amazing I don t think I ll ever dislike a book that was written by Sir Rob Can t wait to read the third book.I really liked this sequel,you can feel the characters development and again Reuben is still Ayla s knight in the shining red armor

    Charlotte Giordano

    Couldn t finish Boring and very repetitive.

    Marilla Brooke

    Just as good as the first Hard to find a sequel like this.

    Rana AbouNasr

    4.5 stars

    Linda Doswell

    Once again I loved this book Well done sir Rob

    Emily Likes to Read

    Love it, love it, love it

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