May 17, 2021
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
Posted by Shel Silverstein

The missing piece sat alone waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere The different ones it encounters and what it discovers in its helplessness are portrayed with simplicity and compassion in the words and drawings of Shel Silverstein.

  • Title: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
  • Author: Shel Silverstein
  • ISBN: 9780060256579
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Missing Piece Meets the Big O The missing piece sat alone waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere The different ones it encounters and what it discovers in its helplessness are portrayed with simplicity and compass

    Ahmad Sharabiani

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    If you learn how to appreciate and love yourself and if you make an effort to learn who you are, you will be able to do whatever you want to do and people will see who you really are But understand a few things 1 Self pity is not attractive 2 Being alone is not shameful Being alone with your thoughts is one of the hardest things you will have to learn in life 3 You cannot expect from other people to fill your empty holes 4 Don t be a human parasite ivy or a mistletoe 5 Be prepared to change your [...]


    This is the best book for those trying to find someone to Complete Them This book will show you that there s no such thing It totally changed the way that I saw looking for the love of my life In fact after reading this book I found my husband 2 months later Read it and you too may find that special someone to Roll with Guaranteed Or you money back.


    I really love this book and its message It s so good.

    Scarlet Cameo

    English review at the bottom I didn t know you were going to grow I didn t know either C mo es que una historia tan peque a puede tener tanta sabidur a The missing piece nos habla acerca de las relaciones amistades, pero principalmente amorosas y ante todo trata de independencia y autoestima no como concepto, sino como actitud y de c mo estar faltos de ambas cosas puede lastimarnos De como la desesperaci n puede hacer que las cosas sean m s dificil y de como, muchas veces, podemos vernos como in [...]


    Even if I had been actively searching for metaphors to describe how I needed to start living my life, in the summer of 2007 when I first read this book, I could not have jumped up and down any excitedly or cried any profusely over this strangely moving epic tale of geometrical shapes, masquerading as a children s story I actually cried probably the first ten times I read it Then I started doing something I have never done with another book buying it and giving it to everyone who didn t have a [...]

    Amir Mojiry

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    Amazing little story about love and life it s a picture story you can finish in five minutes but it will stay with you forever must read for everyone The missing piece sat alonewaiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere.

    Pouria Roshani

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    Eirini D

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    Dimitris Hall

    Some books just meet your life like passing comets You can t possibly predict their coming or the respective impact they re going to have on you, but there they go, shooting across the night sky of your life Spectacularly It s almost as if they become so important for you precisely because they come out of nowhere.It was the same with this little book It was a nice day in Kerkyra a few weeks ago Me and a couple of newly met friends wanted to go somewhere for a coffee raki with honey as it later [...]


    I was reintroduced to this book in the summer of 1996 when I had to take a Psychology 101 class at Mount SAC San Antonio College in Walnut, to get some advanced college credit Our professor went thru this book and compared it to the process of relationships and I never looked at it the same again Good children s book in that sense or just a simple way to look at relationships.

    Sara Kamjou


    Rania G

    The need to be loved is the theme of this little metaphor and the wrong ways that people come about it.Mostly when we feel alone from companionship and feel that a piece is missing, this piece is our need.Others wait to be noticed, others try to attract attention to themselves, others try to fill the void with others but they too miss piecesl the wrong ways but at the end the little piece finds the way.

    Adriana Scarpin

    Com essa historinha do Shel Silverstein eu me identifiquei, ao contr rio do primeiro livro, Big O tem mais a ver comigo.


    While it wasn t quite the epic The Missing Piece, The Big O is nevertheless a great, thought provoking sequel Once again, we have what is ostensibly a children s book about sentient shapes, but is in actuality a story of human relationships.Correctly or not, I imagined the missing piece to be female After being dropped in the previous story, the piece sits around waiting to be picked up and made whole again However, all of the shapes who roll by just aren t right Women will no doubt laugh out lo [...]


    What can I say about this Genius How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid It must be education that does it Alexandre Dumas Case in point True love does not complete us It does not fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces It holds us up, we grow together, we love, we make each other stronger, better, loving individuals We are equals We become a we that love fully.


    I suppose you could read this with a feminist eye, but I just enjoy the pictures and the story I was touched by the transformation of the Missing Piece from a dependent personality searching for its exact complement to an independent piece that can eventually roll alongside its lifelong friend.


    Nothing special, but fine I prefer The Missing Piece.

    Jordan Davidson

    The Missing Piece Meets the Big OShel SilversteinHarperCollins Publishers, 1981Summary The titular missing piece, a triangular wedge rendered in black and white drawings, is searching for something it can fit into and travel with The piece tries to attract the attention of others in many ways, such as by making a spectacle of itself and by trying to make itself look attractive to passerby It eventually finds an almost whole that it thinks it can fit into, but eventually it grows and surpasses t [...]


    I love that book It s amazing how can an author using only two very simple shapes such us this of the triangle and the circle describe the human relationships When i saw the cover of this book i thought it was just a comic to past time but when i read it i was so pleased to discover that the story had a very deep meaning Everyone should and can read this book since it s a very short story and it can teach you a lot

    Javad Khodadadi


    A gentle reminder that the best relationships don t complete us but let us grow and become fully ourselves.

    Hana b



    I absolutely love this book and its message I m surprised this is the first time it crossed my path


    I don t remember reading this book as a child or ever and am very glad I had to read it for my Child Lit class Shel Silverstein is genius to tell such a profound truth with such simple text and rudimentary illustrations If you need to be reminded that the power to change and become better can only be found deep within you then you should pick up this book

    Amanda Baird

    This metaphorical poem is about a triangular part of a circle that cannot find its matching part While it tries many things to improve itself, it is not until a complete circle the Big O comes along and teaches it how to be its own whole is it able to feel complete and happy Whether having experience with platonic, familial, or romantic relationships, all students will instantly be able to relate to the message set forth by this work It promotes the idea of self love and the ability to be one s [...]

    ~~Poulomi Sylphrena Tonk$~~

    My childish love for children s genre just grows and grows.This is a sweet, little read that metaphorically addresses the concept of searching answers inside ourselves, often overlooked as we depend on the world outside It talks of self dependence and life by means of a missing piece that learns to move ahead on its own, just after it meets the Big O.Recommended to all Thanks to Utkarsh for this delightful little read.

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