Jun 23, 2021
Lady of Hay
Posted by Barbara Erskine

This masterfully crafted first novel tells the spellbinding story of a contemporary woman who discovers her past life as a 12th century Welsh noblewoman Erskine s extraordinary romance has been translated into 17 languages and has sold well over a million copies worldwide.

  • Title: Lady of Hay
  • Author: Barbara Erskine
  • ISBN: 9781566491600
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lady of Hay This masterfully crafted first novel tells the spellbinding story of a contemporary woman who discovers her past life as a th century Welsh noblewoman Erskine s extraordinary romance has been transl


    Where I got the book bought retail Full price Seriously, sometimes I do that just for laughs.I read this book back in 1985 when it came out I was 25 I cannot imagine this I thought this book was AMAZING back then I was hoping to recapture the momentSigh.You can never go back.Plot beautiful, talented journalist Jo STRIKE ONE appears to have no other purpose than to be hypnotized back into a previous life Because absolutely EVERYONE she meets can do this Really I could count the number of regressi [...]

    Richard Derus

    Someone somewhere mentioned Lady of Hay in a favorable light Luckily for them, I don t remember who It was Pearl Ruled at p42 U G H Tedious, ponderous sentences Tiresome characters from Central Casting Too old, too many books better than this to make me want to persevere.


    Meh, don t bother This was such a long book It s basically a history lesson, turned into a story, wrapped in alcohol, sex and abuse I didn t believe the characters at all They kept telling you that Jo is a hard hitting strong person, but in EVERY instance she is completely helpless, submissive, needy and gets walked all over There are no consequences for any of the bad things anyone does All of her friends are living the most ridiculously scandalous lives But somehow the writing did keep me read [...]


    I enjoyed this, but I would have enjoyed it a lot if it had all been in Matilda s past and skipped the stuff in the present time The idea of regression was interesting, but it got to be a bit much after a while I mean, how many people do you know that are experienced hypnotists And Jo was hypnotized by was it four or five different people That did become a bit of a stretch towards the end of the book view spoiler Also, unless I missed something, I don t think Sam s obsession with the whole Jo M [...]

    ``Laurie Henderson

    Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine reminds me of a Michael Bolton song.Have you ever listened to a Michael Bolton song before For those lucky ones that haven t been exposed to his over wrought, to the point of ridiculous, screaming that passes for singing count yourself lucky Here s a link to one of his hits for those into aural torture youtube watch v YFoodIf you can make it to near the end of this song that s where this outrage comes into its own Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine reminds me of a Mich [...]


    Hmmm Interesting how most people really loved this book Because I am a lover of historical fiction, Lady of Hay has been on my reading list for some time I recalled it being a big bestseller back in the 80s when it was first published I m giving it 3 stars for potential, but it s really a 2 star At first I thought perhaps I don t like time travel since I hated The Time Traveler s Wife, but I love Diana Gabaldon s books and it wasn t the time travel in Lady of Hay I disliked It was just too long, [...]


    The first time i read this i was blown away Each chapter revealing and to me The characters being swept up in this irrealistic plot, yet believably, and it was breathtaking The female lead was bravely trusting her heart in explosive situations The writing and settings swept me along Revelation after revelation kept me turning the pages years ago I would have given this a five.Just read it for the second time and i found it to be the most offensive, misogynistic literature i have read in a whil [...]


    This book is about Jo Clifford, a C20th journalist, who is regressed under hypnosis and finds she has lived before in the C12th, as Matilda, Lady of Hay Matilda died a terrible death at the hands of King John She also suffered the abuse of her husband William de Braose and had an illicit love affair with a knight, Richard de Clare The pain and suffering of Matilda s life threaten to take over Jo s, as she finds herself spontaneously regressing and reliving Matilda s life The plot is complicated [...]


    I really struggled to read this Like many others, I found the historical story, that of Matilda, much interesting than the current day events But the current day storyline is what really ruined it for me All of the characters were completely unlikable and downright psychotic.Nike brutally rapes and repeatedly attacks Jo, but he claims to love her Jo conveniently moves past all that and they end up happily ever after.Why was Sam completely off his rocker No good explanation is ever given, other [...]


    This book was a bit of a disappointment to me Time travel books are generally a favorite treat of mine and although this book is not technically about time travel, it is close enough to be included in that genre for book lists on , where I first heard of it I found the book s reliance and description of hypnotism to be unrealistic bordering on cheesy I also was bothered by the undertones of violence against women, as mentioned by at least one other reviewer This book seemed to take forever to en [...]


    This book made me seriously angry I don t understand how we are suppossed to forgive the love interest s abuse of the heroine I would have to say but there would be spoilers The characters spiraled out of control and the story went from somewhat beleivable to totally whack if you will forgive the phrase The parts that were written about the past were extremely interesting, but how it related to the present and the control of the past over the present were ridiculous.


    I want to talk about my favorite book, LADY OF HAY, by Barbara Erskine I don t know if you have read it, and if you haven t, you need to spoiler alert It is the story of a woman who discovers that she has memories of a previous life I won t go too far into it, since I hope you will read it, but let s just say that it s a great story It is based upon the life of a real person, and that person is an ancestor of Barbara Erskine I understand that Barbara has a college degree in medieval history, and [...]


    I found this to be a very hard book to put down, even though there were things i didn t like about it I just had to keep reading to find out how it would all end I had one big problem with it, however It really bothered me that Prince John was supposedly in love with Matilda Who needs love like that That was about wanting something he couldn t have, lust and ownership, than love If he had loved her he would not have raped her, so brutally There was no love in that, only rage I had the impressio [...]


    M thi bir kurgusu vard.Baz yerlerde gereksiz uzatma vard Yine de ok be endim.Jo gibi bende zihnimi bo altsam a lar gerisine gidebilirmiyim diye ok d nd m


    I was hoping I would like this book, as it is my favorite genre of historical fiction I did find it fairly enjoyable for that reason but with some large irritating flaws 1 why is a strong modern woman getting raped past and present by the men in her life and then just getting on with these guys as if nothing much really happened, I understood why they got away with this in the past but in present day it is just to hard to believe Maybe this is the problem with 80 s romance.2 there seems to be ve [...]


    I simply do not understand how this book averages than 4 stars It s fairly terrible The characters are shallow and if one reader could identify with them, I d want to punch that person in the face The plot takes FOREVER to develop seems as though about halfway through the book the author finally makes some revelation about what she s going to write about The characters are in the upper echelon of London society, all have infatuations with each other really , are all ultra attractive and success [...]


    I usually love historical fiction, and time travel books have always been favourites of mine.This book I don t know if the subject matter is horrendously dated because it was written in the 80s, but it was one of the most hideously offensive, misogynistic books I ve ever had the misfortune to read.The lead character who s such a twit, I could scream allows one of her love interests to beat, abuse, and rape her with zero consequences whatsoever, and she actually wants to be with him after that Me [...]

    Adrie Ashford

    Erskine has a great premise, but her characters utterly bludgeon it to death, both in this century and 800 years ago The female lead is a paper doll that the male characters endlessly manipulate, and secondary characters jump into the action with introduction or precedence I have no idea if the book redeems itself, because I got two thirds of the way through before resorting to throwing it against the wall and not finishing All in all, this is a huge disappointment of a time travel novel.


    Okay, I loved the premise of this book I was completely pulled into the story in the beginning, by the time I was half way through, I had a few major issues with it First, it is WAY too long I loved the story of Matilda and would happily have read a complete book about her Jo was supposedly a strong independent woman but frankly I found her to be annoying Next, every other paragraph someone was grabbing the Scotch bottle really Couldn t the author have found an alternative now and then Another t [...]

    Vanessa Wester

    I have not rated a book this low in a long time and there is a good reason for this Some of you may not agree, but as a reader I am entitled to my opinion.Basically, I just didn t connect with any of the characters or their situations It was way too long, the constant present past flashbacks gave me whiplash, and the brutality of the men was harsh and cold The build up led you believe would happen, but ended with a disappointing flat finale It took me 12 13 hours to read thank you kindle and th [...]


    This was a fascinating story which switched from the present day to the 12th century Barbara Erskine s writing is easy to read and brings history to life The characters were very believable and their emotions were transferred to the reader The plot was intriguing and allowed for a page turner which was unputdownable until the last page I look forward to reading another of Erskine s books and recommend this one to those who love historical fiction mixed with adventure and romance.

    Caroline Pradier

    Such a waste of my time on this patronising, mysoginistic and nonsensical book Dont bother

    Mohamed Omran

    I really struggled to read this Like many others, I found the historical story, that of Matilda, much interesting than the current day events But the current day storyline is what really ruined it for me All of the characters were completely unlikable and downright psychotic.Nike brutally rapes and repeatedly attacks Jo, but he claims to love her Jo conveniently moves past all that and they end up happily ever after.Why was Sam completely off his rocker No good explanation is ever given, other [...]


    From my book review blogRundpinne I have been struggling with my review of Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine and putting it off hoping my feelings toward the book would change with time, they have not I had truly wanted to adore Lady of Hay and quite unfortunately, I did not care for the book There, I said it I enjoyed the idea of the story, especially the descriptions of life in the twelfth century Erskine did an excellent job at creating two realistic and vividly described centuries and creativel [...]

    Kelly Furniss

    Lady of Hay is a book I have wanted to read for a long time and with The Sleepers Castle now out I was prompted to do so This is a tomb of a book at over 760 pages so quite daunting in size.Our main character Joanna is a confident sassy journalist who takes part in a University study in to past life regression and learns that in the past she was Matilda of Hay.As the regression takes place her unhappy abusive marriage to William Da Braose is relived, her illicit passionate love for the Knight Ri [...]


    Definitely a book of its time It is a fascinating idea, but becomes a bit too silly when EVERY male character turns out to be someone related to Jo s past life It gets to the point where it s funny because it s SO absurd, which completely undercuts what I feel the author is trying to do a fairly complex argument about history and repetition The real issue for me is that it needs an editor something chronic it could have done all of this in about half as many pages the writing itself also could u [...]


    This book follows the story of Joanna Clifford who experiences a past life regressions and learns that in the past she was Matilda of Hay, married to William de Braose, in love with Richard de Clare and pursued by King John I When the past starts to seep into her present and influence what is going on in her life, things get very complicated I really enjoyed the historical aspects of this book when the Jo is experiencing Matilda s life and interacts with Richard de Clare and John I it is a very [...]

    Polly Clarke

    I was hoping for so much Maybe that s why I m disappointed The plots ok but the characters weren t fully formed for me I didn t believe them enough and wanted to get the story over and done with I would have loved Robin Hobb to have created the characters, but alas Barbara Erskine is no Hobb It did take me back to a time before the internet and mobile phones and a time when we wore ankle boots which made me smile Maybe I should read another of her novels before being too judgemental It might be [...]

    Slumbering Rose

    This book was far too long and conflicting, and the characters were lifeless and inherently stupid, vile, repugnant, and contradictory And almost all they did was drink If they would ve all died, I wouldn t have mourned I did not care at all for the paranormal aspect and would perhaps have liked it a little if it were simply in the past, with Maude I did, however, have to read to the end to know the intriguing story of Maude.

    Osovale Mailata-Teeboon

    Couldn t finish this Totally boring characters, no one of substance but then when I got to the part where one character is trying to convince the other she enjoyed being raped, I remembered life is too short to keep on reading crappy books A shame as my MIL loves this author.

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