May 09, 2021
The Trouble With Marriage
Posted by Debby Holt

When Robin asked Tilly to marry him, it was the happiest moment of her life Ten years on, the sparkle has faded household bills, household chores, two small children and a dog have seen to that but Tilly is convinced their love can survive even the attentions of interfering in laws and a glamorous ex girlfriend.

  • Title: The Trouble With Marriage
  • Author: Debby Holt
  • ISBN: 9781416526766
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Trouble With Marriage When Robin asked Tilly to marry him it was the happiest moment of her life Ten years on the sparkle has faded household bills household chores two small children and a dog have seen to that but Ti


    The Trouble With Marriage is Joanna Trollope than Sophie Kinsella, but there is nothing wrong with that.It s subtitled What happens after the happy ever after and I was looking forward to astute observations on marriage, love and parenthood And I wasn t disappointed.When Robin popular, handsome and confident asked Tilly to marry him, it was the happiest day of her life Ten years later and, although still utterlyTo read the rest of this review and , please visit Trashionista

    Sammy Jackson

    A dead easy chick lit read, usually ladies, I d recommend

    Coreene Archer

    Good read Not predictable and a fun read I would recommend this book for reading on the goI read it in the kitchen, bedroom on the train Captivating

    Rae Callander

    A good summer read

    Julia Langnes

    Perfectly enjoyable, had a good time.


    Tilly is married to Robin she has known him since university, theyare married, have 2 children and a dog Tilly works part time as a Classroom Assistant, Robin works very long hours and the sparkle has gone from their marriage, they lead busy life s, the in laws have moved nearer so as they can meddle into their life s Also Robin s ex girlfriend is back on the scene Tilly has unplanned news and Robin is not pleased about it, does it throw them apart Can there marriage survive I really liked this [...]


    Marriage is really not easy Not all lovey dovey and yet it helps us grow to be better persons We also can never do it alone, the support from others are very important too Bitter words from in laws hurt most and husband and wife must help to protect each other.Children often blame themselves when parents quarrel or break up, it s so true We should never have to play such mind games with them And yes they love us unconditionally and think parents are always the greatest.Enjoyed the ending as it w [...]


    Beautifully written Very fast paced Very emotional I CRIED I felt a real connection to Tilly and the problems with in her marriage The story was beautifully executed Debby Holt is like another Sophie Kinsella I will be sure to pick up of Debbie s books in the future I didn t except to enjoy it so much


    Lovely story about the up and down between a married couple Robin annoyed me at some parts, and I thought the ending was rather predictablewas expecting a bit of a twist in the end But nevertheless, I was entertained


    This book was okay as a beach read, but ultimately I found it to be a bit depressing, with some characters doing some pretty unfortunate things and really being let off scot free Can t say as I particularly recommend it


    I think this was the book I liked best of the three that I read by Holt


    Funny, loving it Halfway through


    Sweet story about married life, with all the ups and downs And how listening to others or interpreting things that aren t there can get you in even trouble.

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