May 09, 2021
Song of Myself
Posted by Walt Whitman

One of Walt Whitman s most loved and greatest poems, Song of Myself is an optimistic and inspirational look at the world Originally published as part of Leaves of Grass in 1855, Song of Myself is as accessible and important today as when it was first written Read Song of Myself and enjoy a true poetic masterpiece.

  • Title: Song of Myself
  • Author: Walt Whitman
  • ISBN: 9781420927061
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Song of Myself One of Walt Whitman s most loved and greatest poems Song of Myself is an optimistic and inspirational look at the world Originally published as part of Leaves of Grass in Song of Myself is as a


    NOW AVAILABLE Walt Whitman s poem, which would eventually become Song of Myself, had no title in the 1855, first edition of Leaves of Grass In the 1856 edition, it was A Poem of Walt Whitman, an American In 1860, the title changed to Walt Whitman It wasn t until 1871 that Whitman changed the title to Song of Myself Along with the changes in title were changes made over the course of time to the poem itself Whitman s I is a spectator, a commentator of what he sees, seeing them all, rich, poor, bl [...]

    Bookdragon Sean

    Well, one thing I gathered from this poem is that Walt Whitman loves himself, and he loves America To his mind, America is everything it is freedom it is democracy it is happiness, and, again, according to him, it is the most poetic place on Earth Through this he is trying to establish a unified America, and a mind set that is distinctively American After the civil war he wanted the nation to identify themselves with these ideals and to break from the past, as seen by his personal breaking of th [...]


    Song of Myself With a Complete Commentary by Walt Whitman is a sectional breakdown of the poem with two different commentators Ed Folsom and Christopher Merrill Folsom teaching and research have centered on nineteenth and twentieth century American poetry and culture He earned his MA and PhD from the University of Rochester and currently the Roy J Carver Professor of English at the University of Iowa Merrill is an American poet, essayist, journalist and translator Currently, he serves as directo [...]


    So, sometimes when I ve had a bad day I read random passages aloud to myself in the bath.


    bbc programmes b0770h0vDescription Orson Welles read Whitman s trailblazing poem for the BBC Third Programme in 1953 In a new landmark reading of the poem, Welles voice is interwoven with readings from a small cast of acclaimed actors Michael Sheen, Clarke Peters, Julianna Jennings, Kyle Soller and Eleanor Bron With an introduction from poet, Mark Doty Reader Orson WellesWriter Walt WhitmanReader Michael SheenReader Julianna JenningsReader Kyle SollerReader Clarke PetersReader Mark Doty


    The first six sections of Walt Whitman s Song of Myself present a myriad of issues both in subject matter and style Reading these sections is a very different experience from reading a sonnet or even blank verse Whitman s form was revolutionary when it arrived on the literary scene, and it continues to be distinctive To some, Whitman s form is the essence of his art, and part of what makes Song of Myself so accessible and so entrancing But to others it seems mere sloppiness Whitman s lines follo [...]


    Okay This is a good start I don t know if I ll ever read Leaves of Grass I wish to, but something tells me I won t be doing that any time soon However, I liked this poem There s so much optimism in here that I thought I could never relate to it And I was right Still, I enjoyed reading this I mean, he lost me during some verses, but after a couple of seconds and a sip of coffee, I was ready to keep going there are a lot of beautiful lines waiting to be appreciated.I think I could turn and live wi [...]


    E o mundo nossa volta fez se poesia e m sica Pelas m os encantadas de Walt Whitman J disse que a alma n o mais do que o corpo,E disse que o corpo n o mais do que a alma,E nada, nem Deus, maior para uma pessoa que ela pr pria,E quem caminha duzentos metros sem amar caminha amortalhado para o seu pr prio funeral,E eu ou tu que n o possu mos um centavo podemos comprar o melhor que a Terra cont m,E olhar com um s olho ou mostrar um feij o na sua vagem desconcertaa aprendizagem de todos os tempos,E n [...]


    From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Orson Welles read Whitman s trailblazing poem for the BBC Third Programme in 1953 In a new landmark reading of the poem, Welles voice is interwoven with readings from a small cast of acclaimed actors Michael Sheen, Clarke Peters, Julianna Jennings, Kyle Soller and Eleanor Bron With an introduction from poet, Mark Doty.Produced by Emma Hardingc programmes b0770h0v


    I read this a few months ago, but I just wanted to add this to comment on s lack of poetry section I know that poetry has to be published in a specific volume, but most people read poetry selectively, not in its entirety This poem took me two days to read God knows how long Leaves of Grass would have taken And reviewing an entire volume of poetry seems absurd when there is so much substance in just one poem Basically, I would just like to talk about one poem instead of an entire collection.On th [...]

    João Carlos

    Walt Whitman 1819 1892 Canto de Mim Mesmo , no original Song of Myself 1856 de Walt Whitman 1819 1892 um dos livros que tenho relido com alguma regularidade.Poesia sobre homens e mulheres de todas as profiss es ou credos, da luz e das sombras, de paisagens imensas, do corpo e da alma, dos prazeres sensuais, do amor, do sexo e da lux ria Este canto de mim mesmo n o se faz com palavras rotineiras,Interroga abruptamente, para mais longe trazer para perto 43 Um livro de palavras que se v o unindo Ce [...]

    Luís C.

    You have found a thousand acres are too many You have found the great land too Wrought so much to learn to read Felt proud to see fit the meaning of poems It is this day and night with me and you will possess the origin of all poems,Dispossess the good of the earth and the sun, there are millions of suns to find, No longer possess it anything from second or third hand, nor will look through the eyes of the dead, or be fed thee Ghosts that is in the books,Nor will look through my eyes, neither ta [...]

    Yasmine Alfouzan

    What I love about poetry is that there is a lot of room for interpretation And in those beautiful 80 pages, Whitman did deliver what he promised before getting into the poem You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me, You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self A must read for anyone who likes to analyze things It made me want to be in a book club just to discuss it I think if I loved poetry a bit , I might have appreciated it immensely A few bits that I [...]


    As Whitman says, Have you felt so proud to get at the meaning of poems Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems,You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, there are millions of suns left, You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self.

    Ana Lúcia

    Se me queres ter de novo, procura me debaixo da sola das tuas botas.Dificilmente saber s quem sou ou o que significo,Todavia dar te ei sa de,E filtrando o teu sangue dar te ei vigor,Se primeira n o me encontrares, n o desanimes,Se n o estiver num lugar, procura me noutro,Algures estarei tua espera Walt Whitman Canto de mim mesmo

    Teresa Proença

    XXIV Walt Whitman, um cosmo, o filho de Manhattan,Turbulento, carnal, sensual, comendo, bebendo e procriando,N o um sentimental, n o olha de cima os homens e as mulheres nem se afasta deles, N o mais modesto que imodesto.Retirai as fechaduras das portas Retirai as pr prias portas dos seus umbrais

    Damian Reyes

    No te desanimes si no me encuentras al primer intentode no estar junto a ti, mira m s lejos,que yo en alguna parte me detendr a esperarte



    John Pistelli

    Whitman is one of those writers whose merits can get lost in their reputations you forget how good he is when you re not reading him His role as the mascot of a kind of kitschy Americana especially ridiculous in this time of decline and fragmentation overshadows his saving weirdness, his poetic originality Before I was born out of my mother generations guided me, My embryo has never been torpid nothing could overlay it For it the nebula cohered to an orb the long slow strata piled to rest it on [...]


    In 1969 I picked up a paperback copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman I still have the book, underlined and worn For me, Song of Myself has always been one of Whitman s trickier poems to tackle and I have only read it in bits and pieces I was excited to see this new volume of Song of Myself with commentary It gave me an opportunity to read the poem in its entirety, with aids to help me sort it out.In 2014 the University of Iowa offered an open, international online course, Every Atom Walk Whit [...]


    It was good experience for me Although I have read poems in English before, it was the first time I have read full 80 paged poem I didn t like all the poem, there were some parts boring, and some parts I just didn t grasp the meaning I don t know all the English poetic words so I had difficulty understanding it at times Still Here are some parts I liked a lot For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you The smallest sprout shows there is really no death, And if ever there was it led for [...]

    Taylor Garton

    I m reading Walt Whitman s collection of poems in his book Leaves of Grass but by far my favorite, and the poem i would want to share with the world is Song of Myself The first time i read through the poem i had a hard time comprehending what or who Whitman was talking about So i had to read it again, and again and even a 3rd and yes 5th time The i read his words the i became aware of his understanding of himself Not only in this poem does write scenery but Whitman spends six pages just listen [...]


    Two and a half stars would really be accurate My first mistake was trying to read it in bits and snatches when I could, instead of sitting down and drinking it all in at once Read as a unit, iSong of Myself carries a clear, undeniably lovely message But something about Whitman bothered me, and I don t know if it s him, or my unfortunate general lack of appreciation of poetry.It seemed to me like I was reading the full roster of his thoughts, with no filter, and no organization Sometimes he woul [...]


    Incredible read every time it is readI read Song of Myself a year ago during an an online Modern Poetry class and again the year There is so much to take from his poetry The verbal written visuals of nature, people, the reflections of his world are the successes of his Poetry and so much He is the turning point along with Emily Dickinson as the Birthers of Modern Poetry This is a great read, time after time, after time.

    Tim Minor

    This haughty asshole is the reason poets have a bad name God complex in high doses If you ever catch yourself saying I celebrate myself and sing MYSELF, and what I assume YOU shall assume punch yourself in the face for thinking your that omnipotent Whitman was lucky he was writing in a era of women oppression or else Emily D would have sucker punched his arrogance in the balls.


    This stuff is exceptional, brilliant in fact But I am 99.9% sure that Whitman was definitely smoking something when he produced this monstrosity.




    Muchas veces he dicho que no s de poes a, no s criticarla ni leerla m s que como una amateur Sin embargo, siento que Whitman escribi para m y para todxs los que estamos en la misma situaci n Es una poes a m s visceral, m s simple, sin figuras o palabras complejas Dice lo que quiere decir Todo es sentimiento, emociones y sensaciones en su estado m s puro.No sab a sobre la vida de Walt, as que la introducci n fui muy instructiva para m por eso amo que los cl sicos tengan una introducci n , la figu [...]

    Elizabeth A

    I m not a fan of poetry, and am convinced that I must have had so awful a teacher that I have blocked the entire endeavor from my mind Though it could just be me Maybe poems have meaning as one gets older Whatever the real reason, I decided to rectify this gap in my education by taking the MODERN CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POETRY class offered by Coursera And I am smitten I have read this poem by Whitman in parts and in its entirety several times I have listened to a wonderful reading of it by James [...]


    Expansive, grand, vast, yet unpretentious and intimate.This is the American mind, I say.This is the poem of one man s life Don t just dwell on the hippie bullshit though it s the greatest hippieness ever hipped but there s serious metaphysics and political statements here, too.Welcoming and vibrant and dusky and sweet He stops somewhere, waiting for you.Bloom says that Whitman at least while tending to the sick and the dead soldiers of the Civil War is the American Jesus, and I heartily agree At [...]

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