Jun 22, 2021
The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction
Posted by Stephen Crane George Stade Richard Fusco

The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction, by Stephen Crane, is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble Classics All edThe Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction, by Stephen Crane, is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble Classics All editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications some include illustrations of historical interest Barnes Noble Classics pulls together a constellation of influences biographical, historical, and literary to enrich each reader s understanding of these enduring works Young Henry Fleming dreams of finding glory and honor as a Union soldier in the American Civil War Yet he also harbors a hidden fear about how he may react when the horror and bloodshed of battle begin Fighting the enemy without and the terror within, Fleming must prove himself and find his own meaning of valor Unbelievable as it may seem, Stephen Crane had never been a member of any army nor had taken part in any battle when he wrote The Red Badge of Courage But upon its publication in 1895, when Crane was only twenty four, Red Badge was heralded as a new kind of war novel, marked by astonishing insight into the true psychology of men under fire Along with the seminal short stories included in this volume The Open Boat, The Veteran, and The Men in the Storm The Red Badge

  • Title: The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction
  • Author: Stephen Crane George Stade Richard Fusco
  • ISBN: 9781593081195
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction by Stephen Crane is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general re

    Faith/Florid Sword

    Normally I reserve one star ratings for books I DNF d This, being a school book, is an exception However, I cannot tell you how much I hated it.The writing style is atrocious I have never seen such overuse of the past participle in all my life Everything was were hanging, was running, was looking, was talking EVERYTHING It got so old so fast The similes are awful I found only one that made me say Wow, that s a good simile and the rest of ith Ugh Ugh.The one thing that made this book at all enjoy [...]


    4 1 2The edition I have is a Signet Classic, published in 1960 My incoming freshman class in college 1962 was assigned to read The Red Badge of Courage prior to matriculating I did read it, but have no recollection that there was any discussion of the novel that I participated in.Anyway, this review is about the Selected Stories part of the book, which I never read until recently.Four stories are included The Upturned Face 5 pp, mildly interesting The Open Boat 24 pp, hard to forget unless you h [...]


    The introduction to this collection compared Stephen Crane to Conrad and did a whole lot of talking about literary impressionism This both gave me unfair expectations I m a Conrad lover and, likely, put me off I ve never quite understood the concept of literary impressionism, though I know it is something that Conrad is similarly often equated with Given that I didn t love any of this book s selections nearly as much as the Conrad I ve read, I m going to assume it s due to a heavy dose of litera [...]


    Surprise, surprise I disagree with what the masses have told me about this book Although, I don t actually know too many of my peers who have read this it seems the schools near me skipped this classic , the adults I ve known have always told me that this was very DRY book, hence making it not high on my priority list I ve read Stephen Crane s poetry for many years now and never understood how someone could write such beautiful, bittersweet poetry but boring, dry historical novels Well, the answ [...]


    A good lesson in history, but I didn t connect with the characters or stories very much While Crane s descriptions are very vivid, the plot itself of Red Badge is rather uneventful I don t know, but besides being shot at, shooting at others, and carrying a flag, nothing much seems to happen Of course I am not downplaying the brutality of war, but Crane just didn t get me very invested in the characters lives It felt devastating in a general sense, rather than in a personal sense But perhaps tha [...]

    Sarah Anne

    Yet another book I loved in high school I enjoyed it just as much here and found Muller s narration to be perfect aside from the mic sounds but that s not his fault, it s 1981 s The wild swings of emotion felt by the Youth were a bit extreme until you think of an 18 year old enough said right there who s seeing the grim and frightening realities of a war that he has no means of preparing for A wonderful read and I ll read it again.

    Kristen Coffin

    Within him, as he hurled himself forward, was born a love, a despairing fondness for his flag which was near him It was a creation of beauty and invulnerability It was a goddess, radiant, that bended its form with an imperious gesture to him It was a woman, red and white, hating and loving, that called him with the voice of his hopes When I think about reading The Red Badge of Courage in High School, I think about being incredibly bored I wanted to reread it as an adult, because it wouldn t be t [...]


    The Red Badge of Courage just wasn t my cup of tea While I did appreciate the disorientation the protagonist felt, and how he never knew weather his side was winning or losing, the constant attacks seemed to lose their effect after a while.I did enjoy the short stories, at the end, however Particularly The Open Boat These we re well written and engrossing.


    3 stars is a bit too generous, let s give it a 2.5 this is another book for APLAC the first few chapters were honestly rough this book is related to our realism unit and there are so many excessive arbitrary details that are unnecessary, and it s bad enough that it s about the civil war like cmon english teachers, whatcha doing to us i learned that its easier to get through a boring confusing book like this by annotating each page not only does it make you seem like an avid reader but it actuall [...]


    Stephen Crane s life was abysmally cut short by the age of 28 What stories he did get out into the world were all rather short and focused on child like if not in fact child characters His most popular story, the one that put him on the map, is also his most celebrated work The Red Badge of Courage is at the forefront of this small collection of stories and the most familiar with casual readers Although the story itself proclaims in the title that it s set in the Civil War, the tale is so ambigu [...]


    Finished Red Badge short story Veteran Just like to say that this Pengin Classics is a nice little edition Great for secondary college school purposes Included, after the introduction is a bibliography inteded for further research Adult sources I usually read the introduction before diving into the book, but decided to jump right in to Red Badge It is followed by The Veteran, a quick story about the narrator, Henry, as an old man on the day of his death Since this is such a standard classic, the [...]

    Gretchen Mueller

    This book is about a young boy who thinks that going off to war is what he wants to do when he is old enough However, he soon finds out that it is not as fun and entertaining as he thought it would be He sees close friends suffer the pain of death and war After one of the battles the young man realizes that he hasn t gotten a single scratch yet and everyone around him has some kind of wound to show the things he had done for his country He too wanted a big bloody red badge of courage Soon after, [...]


    I enjoyed reading this book again first time was in college I think it is an outstanding anti war book without being political and in your face Viewed through the thoughts and feelings of an ordinary soldier, the conflict seems random and confused and futile Crane s descriptions of battle were so accurate that many Civil War veterans could not believe that he hadn t been there Actually, he was born in 1871, six years after the end of the war The accompanying short stories are vignettes of how wa [...]


    I think Crane is an amazingly powerful writer, and it is hard to take in the fact that he was still in his early 20s when he wrote this novel The descriptions of being in battle, and the fluctuating emotions of the young soldier, ring true to me I know he had never fought in a war, but he had interviewed veterans His prose has an almost hallucinatory quality to it at times, with vivid details or flashes of colour amid a sense of confusion The short stories included in this book are also good sad [...]

    Richard Epstein

    There is a class of books which owe much of their fame to their brevity and therefore usefulness in the classroom I call them The Assignables The most famous are or used to be Silas Marner, Ethan Frome, The Old Man and the Sea, and The Red Badge of Courage I can imagine someone reading TRBOC voluntarily, not having been assigned it, simply for pleasure Imagine making that statement about Ethan Frome.There are other books teachers might have elevated to this status The Unvanquished Washington Squ [...]


    Another classic I should have read long before but didn t It s quite short Although I didn t enjoy it a ton it certainly couldn t be called entertaining I m glad I ve now read it War is a sad thing I really thought the protagonist was going to die at the end, and it was a pleasant surprise to find he didn t Three stars because it just wasn t that interesting.


    But he said, in substance, to himself that if the earth and the moon were about to clash, many persons would doubtless plan to get upon the roofs to witness the collision.

    Arliegh Kovacs

    Crane s The Red Badge of Courage has been on those must read lists for high school students for years It wasn t on the one in my Accelerated Reading classes so I passed it up entirely My 26 Books list this year had a spot forA Book You Should Have Read in High School but Didn tand this was the one sadly that I chose.Apparently the book is a coming of age novel where the main character goes from being a naive, idealistic, egocentric youth to an experienced, confident, self sacrificing man Which I [...]

    Sandi Miller

    Stephen Crane s The Red Badge of Courage, his up close and personal look at two days of battle in the Civil War, has long been considered an American classic His Henry Fleming is a young man fighting for the Union and, at the same time, fighting his own fears and confusion in the midst of battle Crane helps the reader enter the young man s mind as he deals with cowardice, bravado and sorrow as his fellow soldiers are dying all around him Crane interviewed many Civil War soldiers while writing hi [...]

    Laura Deger

    The Red Badge of Courage was extremely difficult to get through I didn t care for any of the characters, and the descriptions of the events unfolding were extremely long and hard to follow I had to keep taking breaks to make sure I wasn t zoning out or forgetting what I read on the previous page I enjoyed the short stories included after the novel much , especially, The Open Boat I felt that The Open Boat was a much stronger piece of writing.


    On a bleak New England farm, a taciturn young man has resigned himself to a life of grim endurance Bound by circumstance to a woman he cannot love, Ethan Frome is haunted by a past of lost possibilities until his wife s orphaned cousin, Mattie Silver, arrives and he is tempted to make one final, desperate effort to escape his fate In language that is spare, passionate, a.


    The short stories are miles better than the title story.

    Hudson Holcombe

    The Red badge of Courage was a very suspenseful, well written story I feel that Stephen Crane did a great job writing this book and making the story seem so real The imagery in the book made me feel like I was best friends with Henry Fleming, fighting right next to him I loved watching Henry grow mentally and physically into a man through out the novel I also personally love how Stephen Crane made the relationships between Henry friends seem real and genuine The role that Henry played in the war [...]


    War is not a topic I usually choose to read about, but the past several months seem to have thrown a lot of war books my way Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire, Ender s Game and now, The Red Badge of Courage have all discussed different military actions It s a different kind of genre for me, but that s a good thing, right Good readers should challenge themselves with a variety of texts While I have generally liked the war books I have read recently, The Red Badge of Courage wasn t a favorite of m [...]

    Michael Parisi

    A short story, but so powerful Stephan Crane s novel truly brings to life the personal trials of the civil war I also hold respect for the author after I learned that Crane, since he never fought in the War, interviewed battle veterans to ensure accuracy and give honor to their experience Much than a war novel, Crane shows the torment of a soul in existential crisis a boy struggling in the height of anxiety, caught between fear, honor, and duty A masterfully written depiction of the realism and [...]


    I am finally reading the Red Badge of Courage in this old school 1960 edition that sat on my bookshelf all growing up I am enjoying the beginning, but I can see how this would be really hard for jr high kids OK, I really enjoyed this It s kind of hard for me to describe well, but I liked it It s a very narrow, focused book about one young boy going off to fight for the north in the Civil War There s a brief part about how he talks himself into going and his dreams of glory, but then it really ta [...]


    EDITORIAL REVIEW The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction , by Stephen Crane , is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble Classics New introductions commissioned from today s top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary [...]


    The red badge of courage is not a very good book The book is confusing and hard to understand They use what seems like old English in the speaking parts That makes it even harder to understand because they go back and forth between old English and English you can kind of understand Although you do know from the first page the book is about a man going off to war, you still don t quite understand what is happening I will admit that I knew what some of what they were saying but, there was definite [...]


    Yes, this is a war novel The Red Badge of Courage describes Henry Fleming, a teenage soldier, as he first encounters the red monster god that is war He is first tested and found wanting, then proves himself The depiction of the battles is brilliantly done Crane s bold use of metaphor and imagery, electric Yet, while the larger setting is The Civil War, particularly the battle fought at Chancellorsville, Va, the battle of greater importance is Henry s internal one as he develops from a callow, a [...]

    Zach Nall

    The Red Badge of courage is a descriptive book that elaborated the different scenes and fights in vivid detail Although it s well described, one could easily get lost in an ocean of details I often found myself looking for a transition from scene to action The scenes will dive so deep into the battlefield I often lost where Henry was and how he was feeling There is too much detail about the scene to actually comprehend what the characters are thinking, or feeling For instance, the different anal [...]

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