May 18, 2021
Water Babies (Re-telling by Jane Carruth)
Posted by Jane Carruth Charles Kingsley Anne Grahame Johnstone


  • Title: Water Babies (Re-telling by Jane Carruth)
  • Author: Jane Carruth Charles Kingsley Anne Grahame Johnstone
  • ISBN: 9780861638598
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Excerpt from my review at Postcards from La La Land On the other hand, the make it up as you go structure isn t such a bad thing As I read, I feel like I m a kid at bedtime, and Uncle Charles is telling me a silly story about faeries and dragonflies, and the next night I ask for , so he adds scenes and characters, and sometimes Mommy listens at the door, so Uncle Charlie makes sure it s a moral story about being polite and not eating too many sweets, and then Mommy goes elsewhere and Uncle Char [...]


    Like Alice in Wonderland, this is one of those books that begs the questions did the Victorians secretly invent LSD 100 years early

    Imogen McInnes

    My Favorite childhood book, definately recomend it Even if it is just a picture book, you still should totaly read it


    This is the abridged 1986 novelization for children It has a different dark undertone than contemporary children s fiction.Growing up on the cusp of a post industrial society, I found this book fascinating as a child the world of chimney sweeps, fairies, and the British Old World upper class peopled by ladies, gentlemen, nannies, and housemaids While I understood there was a heavy moral instruction undertone to the story be good or you will be covered in prickles like a scarlet letter as proof o [...]

    Meghan Brigan

    Water Babies is about Tom the chimmney sweep It is a magical tale about fairies living under water and the various adventures that Tom embarks on It is for children age four to eight It is a fantasy book filled with Tom s whirlwind adventures from hanging off a cliff to swimming in the sea with babies The watercolor illustrations are stunning The textures and colors add to the magic of the story This book reminds me of a classic fairy tale with a once upon a time and a happily ever after.

    Tom prigg

    Read this book for a class I feel sorry for anyone who has to read this book for a class It has historical significance, but damn it s boring and difficult to read.


    Beautiful book I loved it as a kid Still love it.I just don t know what to make of it.

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    Water Babies (Re-telling by Jane Carruth)