Jun 23, 2021
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Posted by Christopher Moore

The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled, as have his glorious teachings, acts, and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God, the missing years except Biff, the Messiah s best bud, who has been resurrected to tell the story in the divinely hilarious yet heartfelt work reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas AdamThe birth of Jesus has been well chronicled, as have his glorious teachings, acts, and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God, the missing years except Biff, the Messiah s best bud, who has been resurrected to tell the story in the divinely hilarious yet heartfelt work reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas Adams Philadelphia Inquirer.Verily, the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one, filled with remarkable journeys, magic, healings, kung fu, corpse reanimations, demons, and hot babes Even the considerable wiles and devotion of the Savior s pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny But there s no one who loves Josh except maybe Maggie, Mary of Magdala and Biff isn t about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight.

  • Title: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
  • Author: Christopher Moore
  • ISBN: 9780380813810
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christ s Childhood Pal The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled as have his glorious teachings acts and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God the missin


    The last ten years have mutated my views on religion I went from a vague agnostic live and let live attitude to a full blown distrust and dislike of mass worshipping of mysterious deities When it wasn t being used as an excuse to murder people who believed different things, then it was being used to deny basic scientific concepts or prevent consenting adults from marriage based on gender Overall, I d become convinced that humanity was far too stupid to use religion as anything but yet another sy [...]


    If you ve been following my reviews over the last few years, I don t see any reason why I should have to put a caution into this, but here it is if you re not interested in speculative fiction, open to the reinterpretation of the life of Jesus, speculation on the gaps in the gospels and the possibility of pan religious values having been vital to the formation of Christianity, then you should probably not read this book Nor should you really be using the internet there s just too much nasty Free [...]


    What I remember from CCD It was Tuesday nights and that meant that I missed Who s the Boss All the really obnoxious cheerleaders went to my church Our Lady of Perpetual Help OLPH I had to go to CCD so I could get confirmed or I couldn t get married in a church so I was told every time I tried to feign an illness or a menstrual cramp We would be ushered into the school rectory thing where we had to choose 3 colored rings which represented 3 different classes we would attend things like Sacrifice [...]


    This book is funny as HELL Though funny and most definitely irreverent, Lamb is a story about the Son of God and his times here on Earth amongst people, told from the perspective of Biff, Joshua s Jesus childhood pal and Moore fills up the lost thirty some odd years from the gospels Biff is the Jewish lothario Forrest Gump of Biblical stories and Moore uses Biff s narrative as a vehicle to explore the ancient world, often with laugh out loud results.Religion There are plenty of people who will n [...]

    Dan Schwent

    Lamb is the story of the missing years of Jesus, as told by his best pal Biff That s all you need in the way of summary.I was subjected to 12 years of Catholic school and mass every sunday for even longer than that so when I heard of the existence of a humorous book about Jesus missing years, I jumped for it with all the lapsed Catholic enthusiasm I could muster Was I disappointed Most definitely not In fact, I was the opposite of disappointed Appointed Anyway, this was my first Christopher Moor [...]


    Christopher Moore is a sick, sick fuck And I mean that in a good way.I found a copy of this wonderfully hilarious novel at the Champaign Public Library Book Sale and decided that I ought to own a copy It holds up well on a second read and served to fill a nostalgia for Kurt Vonnegut, whose death I may not ever get over This book is very reminiscent of Vonnegut in its plotting and style and wisecracks and it certainly filled a hole I ve read everything Vonnegut ever wrote and I was than a little [...]


    I m considering taking down this review, as I m not happy that my most liked review is a negative one It s too easy to earn praise by casting stones A book recommendation that I suffered through not for charges of blasphemy, but for style I can t stand this type of comedic writing with its obvious set ups and zingers and formulaic irreverence Douglas Adams wanna be This type of humor gets enough time between news items on NPR s All Things Considered Bah Witness the last lines paraphrased here Th [...]

    Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    some spoilers Lamb starts with one of my favourite quotes, which sets the scene very aptly God is a comedian playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh Voltaire A deceptively slim looking book but one that is absolutely heavenly to hold no pun intended with it s glossy floppy cover and delicate leaves , Lamb is, as the title says, the fictional story of Christ s childhood as told by his best friend Levi who is called Biff.Now, Moore doesn t mention Monty Python anywhere, but I d wager he s s [...]

    Lance Greenfield

    This is an hilarious take on the missing years of Jesus, known as Joshua bar Joseph in this account The four gospels which mad it into the New Testament miss three decades of the Messiah s life Only two of them say much about his birth, one describes a brief episode when Jesus was about twelve where he spends some time in discussion with the elders in the synagogue, but they largely concentrate on the short years of his ministry leading up to his crucifiction and resurrection Lamb is an account [...]

    Jason Koivu

    Mel Brooks and Monty Python have been there, done that Christopher Moore retraces the steps of those comedy greats of the past in his Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal, a lighthearted take on what Christians call the greatest story ever told Sure, it s a good story, but it s also rife with parody potential and humorists have been squeezing it for laughs probably since it was first told That being the case, Moore s book travels a well trodden path and so the laughs just di [...]

    Kristen Boers

    Remember back in 9th grade when you wrote a wonderful, insightful papers for every assignment and then, eventually, you got cocky, got drunk on your own brilliance, got sloppy and lazy with self assurance And, inevitably, your next paper would come back with a comment from your teacher that went something like this Accurate, and mildly interesting, but doesn t compare with your previous workWhat happened This is what I felt like writing in my copy of Lamb about 120 pages in.There s a really love [...]


    Good book not great especially when comparing it to other Moore books I have read I enjoyed his Shakespeare satire better than the biblical satire maybe because Shakespeare lends itself to that Most of the stars I have given are for the beginning of the book and then the last third of the book Jesus Joshua as a child and the retelling of the gospels from a different viewpoint were really interesting and it is obvious that Moore did his research.The middle part of the book where Biff and Joshua [...]


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    Stephanie *Very Stable Genius*

    Second time reading this book and it is still one of my favorites.Christopher Moore weaves you through all of the major religions and all the while you are laughing your ass off You can t say that about most religious books


    Lamb is not the first revisionist and humorous retelling of the Biblical stories I ve read watched, but it may be the best one of the lot Among my favourites are the movies Dogma by Kevin Smith and The Life of Brian by the Monty Pythons, the novel Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett What puts Lamb above the crowd for me was the surprising fact that this is not actually a lampooning of religion but a genuine attempt to capture the spirituality and the fervour of the original Gospels It [...]


    review in English below Gosto muito de hist rias alternativas , sejam da Hist ria propriamente dita ou mesmo de contos de fadas como por exemplo a s rie Era Uma Vez ou o filme Mal fica , sobretudo aquelas que nos d o uma explica o original para os personagens reais ou fict cios serem como s o ou foram.Aplicando isto a um dos personagens mais interessantes e pol micos na minha opini o da Hist ria Jesus Cristo e polvilhando com uma dose generosa de humor, temos uma receita quase infal vel.Tal como [...]


    Listened to this on audiobook during a recent road trip This book reminded me of a Saturday Night Live skit great concept that somehow wasn t as good in the execution It s highly irreverent and very funny The first third is also thought provoking and quite sweet I really enjoyed the depiction of Joshua Jesus as a child, trying to come to grips with his abilities, with whether or not he really is the son of God and what, exactly, that means for him and for his people Also loved the friendship bet [...]


    OK, I finished the book Whoohoo All in all, it was ok for me I laughed a lot in the beginningme of my favorite lines were Revelations 2 Just When you thought it was safe to sin and Actually , I thought I d stay Josh Your mother needs someone to look after her, and she s still a relatively attractive woman I mean a guy could do worse My absolute favorite part was the lizard in the beginning I laughed so hard very fun and creative.It got slow for me while he was visiting the wisemen But I did laug [...]


    I should probably start this review by saying that I found this book in what I now think is probably the most inappropriate place possible the Young Adult section of my town library I d wanted to read this for a long time, but whenever I browsed the Moore books in the adult section, it was never to be found I always figured, Eh, someone probably has it checked out I ll snag it next time Oh, silly me I was foolishly thinking that my library would shelve a mature book full of extremely adult humor [...]

    Wayne Barrett

    3.5This book was not only funny but it was intelligently funny Moore did a great job creating a fictional character I say that even though I am one of those who believe that Jesus was also a mythical character and inserting him into the early years of Jesus H Christ The you know your bible stories the this book will entertain or offend you The biggest problem with the story, and one that keeps me from giving this a higher rating, is the center of the book where Josh Jesus and Biff go on a sear [...]


    Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal was an exceptional book Yes, it was enlightening This was a book that was full of not only humor, but historical facts, which delighted me to no end A good friend asked if I thought it was sacrilegious, I paused to really consider the question My answer is, not at all Why wouldn t the messiah have a sense of humor As the book reminds us of the quote by Voltaire God is a comedian playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh So,back to th [...]


    So this review is not going to be great, because it s crunch time and I was trying to get my last review of the year in before we got shut out of the Cannonball Read site and or I have to get back to work But oh man, such a good book to make my probably last book of the year THIS BOOK SPEAKS TO ME I ve actually owned a hard copy for years and years and never bothered to pick it up, and that is so frustrating I could have been this delighted such a long time ago So, what if there was another guy [...]


    There is something so blasphemous about this book and yet I just laughed from page 1 to the end I was raised in a Christian household and knew the story of Jesus forwards and backwards Or at least I thought I did Now, I try not to take myself to seriously and I try to maintain a certain amount of humor about my faith and religion as a whole This book made me bust a gut and there were several times when just a little of pee came out, that s how hard I was laughing.I happened upon this book at a g [...]

    Dana Stabenow

    First time Jesus Christ ever died that I felt like I d lost a friend Told from the first person viewpoint of his best friend Biff, who first sees Jesus Joshua when he s resurrecting his little brother s lizard every time his little brother smashes said lizard to death with a rock And then there is the scene where Biff invents espresso and Jesus Joshua jitters around the Antioch marketplace on a caffeine high healing everyone A superb book in every respect, and a challenging and I would add oddly [...]

    Chiara Pagliochini

    Prendilo, Ges Tienilo mentre io lo picchio Il Vangelo secondo Biff senz altro uno dei libri pi dolci che abbia mai letto Se non avessi tenuto a freno la matita, sono certa che avrebbe decorato di cuoricini ogni capoverso Ma non ti commuove il fatto di sapere chi Che cos E a che pro Se passassi il tempo a bearmi della luce della sua santit , come potrei prendermi cura di lui Il Vangelo secondo Biff senz altro uno dei libri pi divertenti che abbia mai letto Ed un tantino imbarazzante spiegare a qu [...]


    Non so come iniziare avete presente i film per i bambini, che siete costretti a vedere sul divano insieme a loro All inizio partite con scetticismo, la storia l avete gi vista mille volte, anche se non vi ricordate i dettagli, sapete soprattutto che fine avr , quali sono i punti deboli ecc Poi, com , come non , vi lasciate prendere la mano Allungate le gambe, vi rilassate, guardate il vostro compagno di avventura e piano piano vi ammorbidite, rimanete colpiti dalle sue espressioni di stupore, da [...]


    For it is written Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to BE a fish and his friends eat for a week That is not written Where is that written Amphibians five seven There s no friggin Amphibians in the Bible Plague of frogs Ha Gotcha If you don t think that s funny, then maybe this isn t the book for you.Christian dogma is so full of inaccuracies We don t really know when Jesus was born I m holding out for early November , or who the three wise men were, or if there were any wi [...]




    When it comes to the life of Jesus, the Bible has some serious gaps pretty much everything that happened between the ages of 6 and 33 Thanks to the fertile imagination of Christopher Moore, however, and his recording of the lost gospel of Jesus childhood best friend, these missing years have now been restored to us in spectacular comedic fashion.The tale of young Jesus as told by his crass but fiercely loyal buddy is truly funny Oddly, it is also strangely reverent Jesus may play the straight ma [...]


    If nothing else, you have to love the title of this book This is one of those books that you just know will instantly piss off anyone without a sense of humor The rest of us, however, enjoy reading the fictionalized account of Jesus s called Joshua in Moore s book childhood, as told by his friend Levi, otherwise known as Biff In the Bible, Jesus is born, and then the next time we hear about him is when he s thirty and going around performing miracles and collecting followers Moore fills in the s [...]

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