Jun 22, 2021
Posted by Shannen Crane Camp

Reagan West has the perfect life She s gorgeous, she s popular, and she s at the tip top of the high school food chain as co captain of the cheerleading squad She s also best friends with the most evil girl in Albany, Tawny Perez, which means she s never on the receiving end of Tawny s wrath The only trouble in Reagan s perfect life comes from the constant threat of herReagan West has the perfect life She s gorgeous, she s popular, and she s at the tip top of the high school food chain as co captain of the cheerleading squad She s also best friends with the most evil girl in Albany, Tawny Perez, which means she s never on the receiving end of Tawny s wrath The only trouble in Reagan s perfect life comes from the constant threat of her fellow classmates discovering her dirty little secret Reagan West is a closet gamer What s , Reagan absolutely hates her role as the evil cheerleader But, as any teenager knows, it s better to suppress your own nerdy tendencies than to submit to a lifetime of being shoved into lockers So, Reagan bravely soldiers on as a reluctant bully until a cute boy from her guild moves to her school and becomes Tawny s next target The good looking newcomer threatens to reveal Reagan s nerdy little secret and force her to come to terms with who she truly is Now Reagan has to decide if she s going to defend her fellow geeks, or if she ll continue to be a total troll.

  • Title: Pwned
  • Author: Shannen Crane Camp
  • ISBN: 9780996619370
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
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    Pwned Reagan West has the perfect life She s gorgeous she s popular and she s at the tip top of the high school food chain as co captain of the cheerleading squad She s also best friends with the most evi

    Secretly Adorkable Readers

    First of all, I am such a fangirl so I really enjoyed this book full of gamer geekiness I love comic books, The Guild w Felicia Day, Dr Horrible Sing Along, Dr Who, etcok the list can go on It is my best friends fault, who is my husband aka my pastor, aka gamer geek aka action figure and comic book collector who got me all in this and enjoy every bit of it.Ok, so back to PwnedI fell in love with Rekrap aka Parker and Reagan aka Xandris aka Elite Cheerleader.d the rest of the Voyager Conquest Tea [...]


    I loved it I can relate well to the characters because I myself was a gamer too Recommended to those who want a light fun read for summer

    Ornella (Nyx)

    This was a short, kinda fun read Not as good as I was hoping in regards to the actual plot Reagan took much to long to start acting The whole thing was kind of trite of course and the only thing that saved it was the nerdy humor That was really great xDThe ending surprise was a bit too much, specially because I just can t see it happening view spoiler Both Tawny and Reagan figured out it was Parker because of voice and his nerdy appearance I just don t understand how Tawny didn t recognize Reaga [...]


    Normally, I don t read queen bee type of plots because I cannot relate to them I wasn t a queen bee, and even though I was different from the popular kids, I wasn t bullied because of that but because of a heartthrob ex But Pwned attracted me because I love to play games I m not an online gamer like Reagan is, but I can definitely relate to that nerdy feeling while outwardly looking cool I was awarded the bookworm of the year award thrice in thirteen years in school, which I guess established me [...]


    Actuall 3.5 out of 5.I received this ARC for an unbiased review, so let s begin, shall we Okay, I m going to come right out and say it, the rating is probably because I do not read contemporary YA romance It s just not my cup of tea That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it I read it in two days.As a gamer, I appreciated the fact that Reagan, our intrepid main character, is geeky despite the fact that she really tries to hide it from the whole world with the exception of her family There are very few g [...]

    Katie W

    Reagan has a dilemma remain a bully cheerleader or come out of the gaming closet and expose her true nerd self to the high school On one hand, I could totally understand Reagan s need to keep her real self hidden On the other hand, it would be soooo tough to keep up a double life Is it worth it High school can be tough and unfortunately, it often matters what people think of you It s so much easier to start picking on others so your weaknesses aren t exposed, but Tawny was W A A A Y over the top [...]


    As an avid player of role playing games both table top and computer based , I totally understand the closet nerd mentality Reagan West is the perfect example of the popular gamer girl one persona in life, another in game It can take a lot to merge them together and be who you truly are it took an in game friend showing up as a new student at school for Reagan to find herself Her adventure in discovery and finding who she really wants to be was at times amusing and others thought provoking She wi [...]

    Venus Smurf

    This book was delightful It was the perfect beach read light and fun, with a spunky heroine and a quirky narrative voice The main character was a lot complicated and interesting than she d first appeared, and though there were times when I was shaking my head at her choices, I was still rather proud when she finally made the right ones And Parker was just adorkable This book will be a fun read for those into gaming, especially for those who still remember when gaming was embarrassing but did it [...]

    Jared Crane

    My wife and I have read every book Shannen Crane Camp has released, and neither of us have ever left disappointed Her books have the ability to grab the readers attention and keep it until the end, and this happens to myself as a light reader, and my wife who is obsessed with reading.Her latest book PWNED is a fantastic read, she is spot on with her details of the life of a closet gamer , which I happen to know from experience Gamer or not, you will love this book


    I loved, loved, LOVED it

    Emilee (Fantastical Paper Realm)

    The Story Reagan West Cheerleader Bully Gamer One of these things is not the same One of these things just doesn t belong Yeah, that s how she feels too But, she s a girl with a plan SURVIVE HISGHSCHOOL well, that plan is about to get difficult Her favorite nerd friend is moving to her town Only, he doesn t know it.When her 2 worlds intersect and she s left to choose who she really is the sweet funny gamer or the abrasive snobby cheerleader Who will be left when the dust settles My thoughts This [...]


    Pwned is undoubtedly one of the funnest books I have ever read Shannen s humorous storytelling combined with a story and characters that you will love, make for the best three hour read ever I wanted a book that would be fun to read late at night and this book did it.This book was very much like The Summer I Became A Nerd , which I loved However, despite having the same popular girl who s a secret nerd and no one can know track, it s very much it s own story With that being said, I absolutely ad [...]

    Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    I wanted to like this one than I did It was entertaining, but when I finished I just didn t like how everything played out I liked the premise of the popular cheerleader being a nerd in her spare time She currently is dating a popular jock, but secretly has a crush on the nerdy new guy I guess I got tired of all the drama I kept waiting for Reagan to get a backbone She hated who she was as a popular cheerleader, but did nothing about it She was so passive throughout the entire story After awhil [...]


    I loved this book Everything about the way that Shannon Crane Camp wrote this one took my right back to my high school days and the way that everyone has to hide how they truly are in order to be popular or even just to be okay I ve always thought that this whole situation was a sad one, especially looking back on my high school days now At the time that was my whole life and I was never happy with not being one of the popular kids, but looking back now, I realize that it wasn t worth it in the [...]


    Pwned I still don t know what that means, but this was a delightful read with messages about bullying and standing up for yourself and others Raegan is a high school senior who hides her nerdy love of gaming behind her cool cheerleader persona But when fellow guild member, Parker, moves to her town and the other cheerleaders decide to make him the target of their next prank, Raegan has some tough decisions to make Should she go along with the crowd, or stop what is happening to her best online f [...]

    Kathryn Cooper

    Reviewed onClean Teen Fiction Shannen Crane Camp is such a fun author Love her If you like Janette Rallison then you ll like Shannen Crane Camp.The voice of Reagan cracked me up from the very beginning She was pretty silly at times, especially at the beginning She was insecure with skewed priorities Not a great combination At least the reason why she acted the way she did was explained even if I didn t think it was the best choice But hey, it s fun to watch a character grow Paker Rekap was aweso [...]


    This was a book that I absolutely adored It was the perfect romance novel for the teenage audience who wants to read something that is realistic than a lot of the books currently on the market This novel also showcased a lot of problems that some teenagers might endure while they are at high school, making it a book that I think a lot of people can relate to.Right from the beginning the book I knew it was going to be good Its concept was solid all constines through the book, never leaving the r [...]


    Pwned is a great book that brings out the inner gamer in us all I loved getting to know and learn gaming terminology Very fun I really liked Reagan and her journey to find who she really is Tawny was awful, sometimes a bit over the top for me are girls really that evil , but Shannen wrote her well I was pleasantly surprised with the sweet relationship between Reagan and her brother, Cannon I loved the scenes where they would interact, especially when they played Cannon s matching game What a gre [...]


    I really enjoyed this book i had so much fun i could not stop reading it this book is perfect for the summer as it is light and fluffy i love all of the second in command popular girl has something to hide and stops being mean i thought all of the characters were realistic and real especially tawny and reagan, the plot was executed perfectly with a fun light writing style i definitely recommend this if you like light fluffy reads in the summer i really also liked the gaming parts the only proble [...]

    Arlene Arredondo

    To be or not to be, that is the question Trying to survive high school without being thrown in a locker or be mocked till graduation is the worst fear for Reagan, so she has to live a double life Hot mean Cheerleader to everyone, Nerd in her room alone with her computer and her Guild in the game she has being playing for years We can see the struggle that she thinks every kid has to fit in If you are not cool enough, you ll be outcast So you have to pretend being someone you are not and maybe be [...]


    I wanted to like this As a avid MMO gamer I was stoked to read some romantic chick lit with it and although it was there and well explained I just really didnt like this book I really didnt like Reagan she was so awful I really had a hard time reading the book at first and wonderd how on earth it would ever come around to making me be on her side It kind of did but not really I was ok with her as a gamer and she was cool as a big sister but the rest meh.Parker was dence not bad but a lil dence I [...]

    Jay Barnson

    The gaming geek isn t just a twist on the high school romance story Reagan isn t just a cheerleader with a geeky hobby she is a full bore MMO addict and geek who treats her high school persona as an undercover identity This colors the whole story You might get a little lost with all the gaming terms, but most of the time, if they aren t obvious from the context, the author takes the time to explain them For me, this was the real draw of the book The characters are very fun and interesting, and w [...]


    This is perhaps my favorite book by Shannen so far Of course, that might have something to do with being a gamer myself I hated having to put it down to go to work or charge up my phone after spending a couple hours reading it last night Once I got home this afternoon to find the paperback copy I had ordered, I didn t put it down again until I finished reading it.Shannen did a great job keeping the gamer lingo simple for the non gamers so much so that I plan on recommending it to just about ever [...]


    I thought main character was a complete loser Total coward and I hated her I just hated the whole devil made me do it routine from her Almost put it down But when Parker shows up and moves in to the story I really liked it She slowly started to realize what an idiot she is and wises up to how great Parker is I just loved it This is my favorite Shannon Camp book I totally loved Parker And main character then grows on you and the ending is just how I had hoped I will tell all my friends to read it [...]


    I enjoyed the gaming references, but the plot was incredibly boring I predicted pretty much every single event that happened and the MC was completely unlikeable By the time she realised how crappy a person she was I was already totally exasperated with her I really wish there had been a bit humanizing of Tawny as well, because we only ever see her as this awful, crazy bitch whose only only joy in life comes from torturing other people It was all just very formulaic.

    Rebecca Lamoreaux

    Loved this book It was awesome and totally hilarious It was clean, cute, and totally nerdy and I adored it It talks about high school issues and trying to fit in It talks about making tough choices about right and wrong And it talks about just being yourself Great moral, good story line, lovable characters, I LOVED IT Serious, I m going to go read it again now


    Really enjoyed this book It was easy to read and i really loved Parker or RekRap Even though Reagan was hard to like at times you could always see the thought process behind her decisions and as much as i didnt like what she was doing, i could understand There was just the right amount of gamer specific language to make it detailed but not to difficult to understand


    Let me start by saying I am a HUGE nerd I am also a fan of Shannen Crane Camp So I was pretty excited to read this one I found myself grinning like a crazy person from start to finish, with the odd shriek at some of the geeky references If you are looking for a book that caters to your inner geek and will put a giant smile on your face, this is definitely for you.

    Valerie Waters

    I went into this book with low expectations so I think I liked it then some have Some of the nerd gaming language was overwhelming and too much at times but I liked how it ended The twist in the end was pretty obvious but funny I can t believe there are people like Twany


    Funny Cute I love me some nerdy

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